pypi schemathesis 0.20.0

latest releases: 3.19.7, 3.19.6, 3.19.5...
3 years ago

Features 🚀

aa3801e Case.validate_response for running built-in checks against app's response
585e461 WSGI applications support

Bug fixes 🐛

046d1ec RST syntax

2670db2 Failing test on Mac

Don't know the root cause, but on Linux the values are not in list,
not checked the package versions yet, but this check doesn't make harm
It seems that this conversion happens implicitly somewhere

e0cd6d0 Importing WSGI applications

import behavior is environment-dependent

81267b7 Fix flaky test 8f395d5 Docstring in `` method f4a8d4b Replace `assert` with `raise AssertionError` in checks to avoid pytest's assertion rewriting in corner cases 1af55e2 Typo in docstring e94c6a0 Add proper aliases in test app's handlers d1eae1e Convert status code in schema to string a900932 Types in `Case` class

Chores and Improvements 🔧

ee1f3f1 Pin maximum Poetry version

Other 📦

b217904 Release 0.20.0

437937d Use more precise types for dict_true_values and dict_not_none_values
200cc54 Improve test_validate_schema

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