pypi rich 9.11.0
Now with Rich Layout system

The highlight of this release is the new Layout system which can be used to produce htop like terminal dashboards.

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[9.11.0] - 2021-02-15


### Added

  • Added cheeky sponsorship request to test card
  • Added quiet argument to Console constructor
  • Added support for a callback function to format timestamps (allows presentation of milliseconds)
  • Added Console.set_alt_screen and Console.screen
  • Added height to ConsoleOptions
  • Added vertical parameter to Align
  • Added Layout class


  • Pretty.overflow now defaults to None
  • Panel now respects options.height
  • Traceback lexer defaults to Python if no extension on source
  • Added ConsoleDimensions size attribute to ConsoleOptions so that size can't change mid-render
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