pypi rich 2.0.0

A new major version due to some backwards incompatible changes. A name change of JustifyValues to JustifyMethod, and the introduction of some keyword only arguments. Most code using an earlier version will require no changes.

[2.0.0] - 2020-06-06


  • Added overflow methods
  • Added no_wrap option to print()
  • Added width option to print
  • Improved handling of compressed tables


  • Fixed erroneous space at end of log
  • Fixed erroneous space at end of progress bar


  • Renamed _ratio.ratio_divide to _ratio.ratio_distribute
  • Renamed JustifyValues to JustifyMethod (backwards incompatible)
  • Optimized _trim_spans
  • Enforced keyword args in Console / Text interfaces (backwards incompatible)
  • Return self from text.append
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16 months ago