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Qtile 0.21.0, released 2022-03-23:

  • features
    • Add command to center a floating window on the screen.
    • Wayland: added power-output-management-v1 protocol support, added idle protocol,
      added idle inhibit protocol
    • Add MonadThreeCol layout based on XMonad's ThreeColumns.
    • Add lazy.screen.set_wallpaper command.
    • Added ability to scale the battery icon's size
    • Add Spiral layout
    • Add toggle argument to Window.togroup with the same functionality as in Group.toscreen.
    • Added margin_on_single and border_on_single to Bsp layout
  • bugfixes
    • Fix Systray crash on reconfigure_screens.
    • Fix bug where widgets can't be mirrored in same bar.
    • Fix various issues with setting fullscreen windows floating and vice versa.
    • Fix a bug where a .when() check for lazy functions errors out when matching
      on focused windows when none is focused. By default we do not match on focused windows,
      to change this set if_no_focused to True.
    • Widget with duplicate names will be automatically renamed by appending numeric suffixes
    • Fix resizing of wallpaper when screen scale changes (X11)
    • Two small bugfixes for StatusNotifier - better handling of Ayatana indicators
    • Fix bug where StatusNotifierItem crashes due to invalid object paths (e.g. Zoom)

Thanks to all contributors who made this release possible:

  • anriha
  • elParaguayo
  • Jaakko Sirén
  • Joao Duarte
  • Joao Faria Miranda Duarte
  • jwijenbergh
  • K1llf0rce
  • Lars
  • matpi
  • mcol
  • Michael Benford
  • MithicSpirit
  • modestcap
  • nivgsk
  • Piotr Machura
  • Yutao Yuan

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