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Release 0.20.0

latest release: 0.21.0
4 months ago

This is just a small release this time, to update in step with the new wlroots release, used by the Wayland backend. The changes in this release are:

  • New features:
    • Add place_right option in the TreeTab layout to place the tab panel on the right side
    • X11: Add support for _NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT. E.g. can be used by rofi to map on current output.
    • Wayland: Bump wlroots version. 0.15.x wlroots and 0.15.2+ pywlroots are required.
    • Add XWayland support to the Wayland backend. XWayland will start up as needed, if it is installed.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Remove non-commandable windows from IPC. Fixes bug where IPC would fail when trying to get info
      on all windows but Systray has icons (which are non-commandable _Windows.)
    • Fix bug where bars were not reconfigured correctly when screen layout changes.
    • Fix a Wayland bug where layer-shell surface like dunst would freeze up and stop updating.
    • Change timing of screens_reconfigured hook. Will now be called ONLY if cmd_reconfigure_screens
      has been called and completed.
    • Fix order of icons in Systray widget when restarting/reloading config.
    • Fix rounding error in PulseVolume widget's reported volume.

Authored by:

  • elParaguayo
  • jwijenbergh
  • Nazar Mokrynskyi
  • Sean Vig
  • Tim Kilian
  • mcol

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