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Release 0.19.0

latest releases: 0.21.0, 0.20.0
5 months ago

This release comes with a number of bug fixes, as well as a bunch of new features:

  • Add ability to draw borders to the Bar. Can customise size and colour per edge.
  • Add StatusNotifier widget implementing the StatusNotifierItem specification. NB Widget does not provide context menus.
  • Add total bandwidth format value to the Net widget.
  • Scratchpad groups could be defined as single so that only one of the scratchpad in the group is visible at a given time.
  • All scratchpads in a Scratchpad group can be hidden with hide_all() function.
  • For saving states of scratchpads during restart, we use wids instead of pids.
  • Scratchpads can now be defined with an optional matcher to match with window properties.
  • Qtile.cmd_reload_config is added for reloading the config without completely restarting.
  • Window.cmd_togroup's argument groupName should be changed to group_name. For the time being a log warning is in place and a migration is added. In the future groupName will fail.
  • Add min/max_ratio to Tile layout and fix bug where windows can extend offscreen.
  • Add ability for widget mouse_callbacks to take lazy calls (similar to keybindings)
  • Add aliases to lazy.spawncmd() which takes a dictionary mapping convenient aliases to full command lines.
  • Add a new 'prefix' option to the net widget to display speeds with a static unit (e.g. MB).
  • now does not toggle groups by default. To get this behaviour back, use
  • Tile layout has new margin_on_single and border_on_single option to specify whether to draw margin and border when there is only one window.
  • Thermal zone widget.
  • Allow TextBox-based widgets to display in vertical bars.
  • Added a focused attribute to lazy.function.when which can be used to Match on focused windows.
  • Allow to update Image widget with update() function by giving a new path.

Thank you to all contributors for this release:

  • 1kyu
  • Ahmed Al Balochi
  • Arnas Udovič
  • aurok
  • bernard
  • Daniel Bistriceanu
  • elParaguayo
  • ep12
  • frankebel
  • GeoCHiP
  • Graeme Holliday
  • İ. Göktuğ Kayaalp
  • Ilyas B Arinov
  • jwijenbergh
  • kapilpokhrel
  • Kapil Pokhrel
  • krive001
  • LamprosPitsillos
  • Luís Ferreira
  • ManuelHaake
  • Marcel Rupp
  • matteo
  • mcol
  • Phil
  • ramnes
  • schragge
  • Schroedingersdoraemon
  • Sean Vig
  • Senthil Babu Jegannathan
  • Stefan Richter
  • Tokariew
  • Tycho Andersen
  • yobleck

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