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qtile 0.14.0

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2 years ago

This release introduces a lot of changes under the hood for qtile as we look towards future moves to wayland and beyond. Be aware that there are many breaking changes, particularly on member function and member variable names as we have moved to snake case everything. Other big news in this release is dropping Python 2 support and starting to adopt new language and standard library features that are Python 3 only.


!!! Python version breakage !!!

  • Python 2 is no longer supported
  • Python 3.4 and older is no longer supported

!!! Config breakage !!!

  • Many internal things were renamed from camel case to snake case. If your config uses main(), or any lazy.function() invocations that interact directly with the qtile object, you may need to forward port them. Also note that we do not consider the qtile object to be a stable api, so you will need to continue forward porting these things for future refactorings (for wayland, etc.). A better approach may be to add an upstream API for what you want to do ;)
  • Maildir's subFolder and maildirPath changed to maildir_path and sub_folder.


  • add custom change_command to backlight widget
  • add CommandSet extension to list available commands
  • simplify battery monitoring widget interface and add freebsd compatible battery widget implementation
  • track last known mouse coordinates on the qtile manager
  • allow configuration of warping behavior in columns layout


  • with cursor warp enabled, the cursor is warped on screen change
  • fix stepping groups to skip the scratch pad group
  • fix stack layout to properly shuffle
  • silence errors when unmapping windows

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