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2 years ago

pytest 6.2.1 (2020-12-15)

Bug Fixes

  • #7678: Fixed bug where ImportPathMismatchError would be raised for files compiled in
    the host and loaded later from an UNC mounted path (Windows).

  • #8132: Fixed regression in approx: in 6.2.0 approx no longer raises
    TypeError when dealing with non-numeric types, falling back to normal comparison.
    Before 6.2.0, array types like tf.DeviceArray fell through to the scalar case,
    and happened to compare correctly to a scalar if they had only one element.
    After 6.2.0, these types began failing, because they inherited neither from
    standard Python number hierarchy nor from numpy.ndarray.

    approx now converts arguments to numpy.ndarray if they expose the array
    protocol and are not scalars. This treats array-like objects like numpy arrays,
    regardless of size.

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