pypi pyIDM 2020.6.15
PyIDM version 2020.6.15

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2 years ago

Release info:

  • portable version for windows 32bit and 64bit, no installation needed, just extract it to any folder and run PyIDM.exe file
  • ffmpeg.exe included, you can download latest version here
  • the binary version ".exe" prepared by "cx_freeze" on python 3.7.1, windows8x64bit


  • Dynamic file segmentation, to improve speed issue #97
  • Instant Theme change without restarting the application main window issue #87
  • Added frame rate "fps" to streams description in quality drop down list issue #92
  • Auto rename file if same name exists in download folder "Settings>General".
  • Added md5 and sha256 checksum calculators, "Settings>Advanced"
  • use proxy dns "LibCurl socks5h and socks4a" issue #95 "Settings>Network"
  • Fixed empty downloads table after theme change.
  • Fixed Application freeze on linux when using "open file" or "open download folder".
  • Fixed some Application update issues for windows portable version.
  • Fixed Truncated File size after done downloading issue #86
  • Fixed audio manual selection for dash videos issue #90
  • Fixed downloading direct HLS/m3u8 media playlist issue #91
  • Fixed file corruption on download resume
  • disable "video search" for non-video urls issue #102

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