pypi pyIDM 2020.5.10
PyIDM version 2020.5.10

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2 years ago

Release info:

  • portable version for windows 32bit and 64bit, no installation needed, just extract it to any folder and run PyIDM.exe file
  • ffmpeg.exe included, you can download latest version here
  • the binary version ".exe" prepared by "cx_freeze" on python 3.6, windows8x32bit and tested on win10_64bit

What's new in version 2020.4.10:

  • Systray icon support for both Linux and windows.
  • download subtitles for all selected videos in playlist window issue #82
  • Set Auto Referee if there is no Referee set already.
  • Reminder flashing text if critical options in use, i.e. proxy, and speed limit
  • Fixed file rename problem, and allow file name length up to 255 characters. issue #83
  • Fixed total size doesn't change with different quality selection.
  • Playlist "select all" fixed "network surge connections blocked". issue #81
  • Fixed proxy input can't be enabled.

files description:

  •, portable complete version 2020.5.10

  • updated files for versions older than 2020.5.10 starting from version 2020.5.4, you can use update button to download these files automatically or extract contents to any folder then copy contents of "lib" folder and manually merge into PyIDM "lib" folder.

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