pypi pyIDM 2020.4.8
PyIDM version 2020.4.8

latest releases: 2021.2.7, 2021.1.7, 2021.1.5...
2 years ago

Release info:

  • portable version for windows 32bit and 64bit, no installation needed, just extract it to any folder and run PyIDM.exe file
  • ffmpeg.exe included, you can download latest version here
  • the binary version ".exe" prepared by "cx_freeze" on python 3.6, windows8x32bit and tested on win10_64bit

What's new in version 2020.4.8:

  • website authentication option, issue #65.
  • subtitles download, issue #70
  • Added support for famous Audio formats aac, ogg, and mp3 - issue #67
  • Fixed some issues with hls videos i.e. problem downloading audio, and resume error
  • add extra redundant streams while showing format code to identify them, issue #68
  • choose first item in downloads table by default if non is selected
  • Fixed progress reporting 100% before completed merging audio/video or segments.
  • Add referee link option, issue #66
  • Fixed focus for "about window".
  • added http-headers.
  • fixed, thread manager exit without updating the "remaining parts" value
  • unfortunately watch while downloading is no more available for all hls videos.

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