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PyIDM version 2020.12.20

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18 months ago

Release info:


  • Portable version for windows 32bit and 64bit, no installation needed, just extract to any folder and run PyIDM.exe file
  • ffmpeg.exe included, you can download latest version here
  • The binary version ".exe" prepared by "cx_freeze" on python 3.8, windows8x32bit

Change log for 2020.12.20:

  • [playlist] Fixed youtube-dl playlist processing
  • [playlist window] added "select all" checkbutton issue #187
  • [Settings tab] enable / disable autoscroll downloads tab to bottom when adding new item issue #187
  • [downloads tab] Added "RESUME", and "STOP" buttons, issue #187
  • [downloads tab] Select multiple items in downloads tab.
  • CAPTCHA workaround, enable option in setting [experimental], issue #105
  • [Main Tab] fix for file rename issue #19
  • [video extractors] quick switching between youtube-dl and youtube-dlc.
  • [video playlist] removed duplicate call of select_playlist_video()
  • Removed symbols from Stream menu, issue #197.
  • [stream menu] use correct quality value issue #198
  • [Update] one update button to check and update PyIDM, youtube-dl, and youtube-dlc.
  • [Main Tab] Fixed Playlist and stream menu select color

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