pypi pyIDM 2020.10.10
PyIDM version 2020.10.10

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20 months ago

Release info:

  • portable version for windows 32bit and 64bit, no installation needed, just extract to any folder and run PyIDM.exe file
  • ffmpeg.exe included, you can download latest version here
  • the binary version ".exe" prepared by "cx_freeze" on python 3.8, windows8x32bit


  • Added Schedule downloads feature.
  • Manual audio selection for dash videos.
  • Designed new application icon.
  • Fixed handling pending downloads.
  • Fixed gui freeze during some downloads.
  • critical bug fix, Dash video resume - HTTP Error 416 Requested Range not satisfiable #166.
  • Fix for download folder, issue #164.
  • Remember last window size set by user.
  • Download folder entry becomes editable.
  • cleaner download folder by moving all download temp files into one temp folder.
  • Added option to enable / disable systray icon, and fixed systray quit.
  • fixed arabic file names display on linux.
  • Added browse button to select cookies file.
  • Added help button in "About window".
  • Added log level menu in log tab
  • added copy log button.
  • Added flag in to disable update feature completely.
  • Added subtitles selection to playlist window.
  • Added clear completed items, stop all downloads, clear all items.
  • Fixed non initialized ffmpeg path to handle audio, issue #168
  • Added option to download missing ffmpeg.exe on windows os.
  • Added option to download thumbnail with video file, issue #169

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