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2 years ago

7.4.0 (2021/07/30)


  • :meth:~.WikiPage.discussions to obtain site-wide link submissions that link to the
  • :meth:.revert to revert a WikiPage to a specified revision.
  • :meth:.Inbox.mark_all_read to mark all messages as read with one API call.
  • :meth:~.InboxableMixin.unblock_subreddit to unblock a subreddit.
  • :meth:.update_crowd_control_level to update the crowd control level of a post.
  • :meth:.moderator_subreddits, which returns information about the subreddits that the
    authenticated user moderates, has been restored.
  • The configuration setting refresh_token has been added back. See
    for more info.


  • :class:.Reddit keyword argument token_manager.

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