pypi poetry 1.5.0

latest release: 1.5.1
17 days ago


  • Introduce the new source priorities explicit and supplemental (#7658,
  • Introduce the option to configure the priority of the implicit PyPI source (#7801).
  • Add handling for corrupt cache files (#7453).
  • Improve caching of URL and git dependencies (#7693,
  • Add option to skip installing directory dependencies (#6845,
  • Add --executable option to poetry env info (#7547).
  • Add --top-level option to poetry show (#7415).
  • Add --lock option to poetry remove (#7917).
  • Add experimental POETRY_REQUESTS_TIMEOUT option (#7081).
  • Improve performance of wheel inspection by avoiding unnecessary file copy operations (#7916).


  • Remove the old deprecated installer and the corresponding setting (#7356).
  • Introduce priority key for sources and deprecate flags default and secondary (#7658).
  • Deprecate poetry run <script> if the script was not previously installed via poetry install (#7606).
  • Only write the lock file if the installation succeeds (#7498).
  • Do not write the unused package category into the lock file (#7637).


  • Fix an issue where Poetry's internal pyproject.toml continually grows larger with empty lines (#7705).
  • Fix an issue where Poetry crashes due to corrupt cache files (#7453).
  • Fix an issue where the Retry-After in HTTP responses was not respected and retries were handled inconsistently (#7072).
  • Fix an issue where Poetry silently ignored invalid groups (#7529).
  • Fix an issue where Poetry does not find a compatible Python version if not given explicitly (#7771).
  • Fix an issue where the direct_url.json of an editable install from a git dependency was invalid (#7473).
  • Fix an issue where error messages from build backends were not decoded correctly (#7781).
  • Fix an infinite loop when adding certain dependencies (#7405).
  • Fix an issue where pre-commit hooks skip pyproject.toml files in subdirectories (#7239).
  • Fix an issue where pre-commit hooks do not use the expected Python version (#6989).
  • Fix an issue where an unclear error message is printed if the project name is the same as one of its dependencies (#7757).
  • Fix an issue where poetry install returns a zero exit status even though the build script failed (#7812).
  • Fix an issue where an existing .venv was not used if in-project was not set (#7792).
  • Fix an issue where multiple extras passed to poetry add were not parsed correctly (#7836).
  • Fix an issue where poetry shell did not send a newline to fish (#7884).
  • Fix an issue where poetry update --lock printed operations that were not executed (#7915).
  • Fix an issue where poetry add --lock did perform a full update of all dependencies (#7920).
  • Fix an issue where poetry shell did not work with nushell (#7919).
  • Fix an issue where subprocess calls failed on Python 3.7 (#7932).
  • Fix an issue where keyring was called even though the password was stored in an environment variable (#7928).


  • Add information about what to use instead of --dev (#7647).
  • Promote semantic versioning less aggressively (#7517).
  • Explain Poetry's own versioning scheme in the FAQ (#7517).
  • Update documentation for configuration with environment variables (#6711).
  • Add details how to disable the virtualenv prompt (#7874).
  • Improve documentation on whether to commit poetry.lock (#7506).
  • Improve documentation of virtualenv.create (#7608).

poetry-core (1.6.0)

  • Improve error message for invalid markers (#569).
  • Increase robustness when deleting temporary directories on Windows (#460).
  • Replace tomlkit with tomli, which changes the interface of some internal classes (#483).
  • Deprecate Package.category (#561).
  • Fix a performance regression in marker handling (#568).
  • Fix an issue where wildcard version constraints were not handled correctly (#402).
  • Fix an issue where poetry build created duplicate Python classifiers if they were specified manually (#578).
  • Fix an issue where local versions where not handled correctly (#579).

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