pypi pip-tools 5.2.0


  • Show basename of URLs when pip-compile generates hashes in a verbose mode (1113). Thanks @atugushev
  • Add --emit-index-url/--no-emit-index-url options to pip-compile (1130). Thanks @atugushev

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a bug where pip-compile would ignore some of package versions when PIP_PREFER_BINARY is set on
    (1119). Thanks @atugushev
  • Fix leaked URLs with credentials in the debug output of pip-compile (1146). Thanks @atugushev
  • Fix a bug where URL requirements would have name collisions (1149). Thanks @geokala


  • Deprecate --index/--no-index in favor of --emit-index-url/--no-emit-index-url options in pip-compile (1130). Thanks @atugushev

Other Changes:

  • Switch to setuptools declarative syntax through setup.cfg (1141). Thanks @jdufresne
latest release: 5.2.1
14 months ago