pypi pandera 0.8.1
0.8.1: Mypy Plugin, Better Editor Type Annotation Autocomplete, Pickleable SchemaError(s), Improved Error-reporting, Bugfixes

latest releases: 0.18.0, 0.18.0b0, 0.17.2...
2 years ago


  • add __all__ declaration to root module for better editor autocompletion 42e60c6
  • fix: expose nullable boolean in pandera.typing 5f9c713
  • type annotations for DataFrameSchema (#700)
  • add head of coerce failure cases (#710)
  • add mypy plugin (#701)
  • make SchemaError and SchemaErrors picklable (#722)


  • Only concat and drop_duplicates if more than one of {sample,head,tail} are present d3bc974, f756166, 20a631f
  • fix field autocompletion (#702)

Docs Improvements

  • Update contributing documentation: how to add dependencies #696
  • update package description in eb130b4
  • Fix broken links in dataframe_schemas.rst (#708)


Big shout out to the following folks for your contributions on this release 🎉🎉🎉

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