pypi pandera 0.7.1
0.7.1: Add unique option to DataFrameSchema

latest releases: 0.11.0, 0.11.0b1, 0.11.0b0...
8 months ago


  • add support for Any annotation in schema model (#594)
  • add support for timezone-aware datetime strategies (#595)
  • unique keyword arg: replace and deprecate allow_duplicates (#580)
  • Add support for empty data type annotation in SchemaModel (#602)
  • support frictionless primary keys with multiple fields (#608)


  • unify typing.DataFrame class definitions (#576)
  • schemas with multi-index columns correctly report errors (#600)
  • strategies module supports undefined checks in regex columns (#599)
  • fix validation of check raising error without message (#613)

Docs Improvements

  • Tutorial: docs/scaling - Bring Pandera to Spark and Dask (#588)

Repo Improvements

  • use virtualenv instead of conda in ci (#578)

Dependency Changes

  • remove frictionless from core pandera deps (#609)
  • docs/requirements.txt pin setuptools (#611)


🎉🎉 Big shout out to all the contributors on this release 🎉🎉

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