pypi pandera 0.4.5
0.4.5: additional type support, SeriesSchema index support, built-in check Aliases, bugfixes

latest releases: 0.18.0, 0.18.0b0, 0.17.2...
3 years ago


  • improve failure case reporting more intuitive #232
  • rename internal decorator for setting check statistics #235 thanks @Aditya1001001
  • from_yaml supports all column properties #240 thanks @d33bs
  • support for nullable integer string aliases and dtypes #244
  • add check_output to the CheckResult namedtuple #251
  • built-in python scalar types are supported: int, float, str, bool #263
  • Use in Check.repr #265 thanks @JacobHayes
  • add comparison operator aliases to built-in checks #269
  • add support for SeriesSchema index specification #270


  • io serialization can handle = None #248
  • pandas_dtype can be correctly set in Column object #256
  • fix check_input decorator when df passed in kwargs #257 thanks @vshulyak

Documentation Improvements

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