pypi pandera 0.2.0
Drop python 2.7 support, minor enhancements

latest releases: 0.11.0, 0.11.0b1, 0.11.0b0...
2 years ago

Release Notes

  • this release drops support for python 2.7: 4d38a4d
  • add explanatory error message to check_input decorator: c1a3616
  • add test code snippets to sphinx documentation: ca5b39d
  • add type hinting: f67050d
  • modularize pandera code: ffd57d8
  • more builtin data type support: b01eef0
  • add citation information: 6061254
  • update repo links : cosmicBboy -> pandera-dev: e6782f1
  • add dev installation instructions: f7950ad
  • improve formatting and wording of sphinx documentation: 7310d0d
  • make SchemaError message formatting functions private: fc071d6
  • add docstrings to error classes: ed4e8f8
  • add human-readable str and repr methods to DataFrameSchema: 954d8a2
  • update requirements.txt, remove enum34: db87b21

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