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Beta release: v0.19.0b4

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2 months ago

What's Changed

  • fix pyspark tests when run on full test suite by @cosmicBboy in #1593
  • Bugfix/1580 by @cosmicBboy in #1596
  • Set pandas_io.from_frictionless_schema to use a raw string for docs by @mark-thm in #1597
  • Add a generic Series type for polars by @baldwinj30 in #1595
  • Add StructType and DDL extraction from Pandera schemas by @filipeo2-mck in #1570
  • Clean up typing for pandas GenericDtype by @cosmicBboy in #1601
  • Adding warning for unique in pyspark field and a test showing the issue as well as config when it works. by @zippeurfou in #1592
  • bugfix/1607: coercion error should correctly report relevant failure cases by @cosmicBboy in #1608
  • Create a common DataFrameSchema class, update mypy used in pre-commit by @cosmicBboy in #1609

New Contributors

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