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Release v0.18.1: Granular control of validation on pandas dfs.

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4 months ago

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Granular control of pandas validation #1490

There is now support for granular control of schema-level or data-level validations. This can be done via the PANDERA_VALIDATION_DEPTH environment variable. Schema-level (or metadata) validation includes things like column name checks and column data types, while data-level validation involves checks that operate on actual data values.

export PANDERA_VALIDATION_DEPTH= SCHEMA_AND_DATA  # check schema- and data-level checks (default)
export PANDERA_VALIDATION_DEPTH=SCHEMA_ONLY  # only do schema-level checks
export PANDERA_VALIDATION_DEPTH=DATA_ONLY  # only do data-level checks

Efficient Hypothesis strategies #1503

Pandas data synthesis strategies now uses comparison operator functions for more efficient data synthesis. It also updates the minimum hypothesis version to 6.92.7.

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