pypi onnx 1.8.0

ONNX v1.8 is now available with exciting enhanced features! You may learn more about the project, who is involved and what tools are available at the site. We would like to thank every community member for contributing to the project!

Key Updates

Opset version 13



  • CI improvements for reliability
  • Moved to AzurePipelines to speed up runs
  • pybind11 updated to 2.6.0 to prevent segmentation fault on Windows

Bug fixes


You can simply pip upgrade using the pip install onnx --upgrade or build from source following the instructions on Github.



Thanks to these individuals for their contributions in this release:
jcwchen, askhade, wschin, vinitra, prasanthpul, gramalingam, daquexian, rajeevnalawadi, sveta-levitan, ashbhandare, chinhuang007, KsenijaS, shinh, BowenBao, shubhambhokare1, pranav-prakash, prabhat00155, pluradj, matteosal, jackwish, Yukigaru, H1Gdev, 462630221, natke, kevinch-nv, RandySheriffH, souptc, fdwr, HectorSVC, jspisak, codemzs, yuslepukhin, linkerzhang

latest releases: 1.10.1, 1.10.0, 1.9.0...
10 months ago