pypi onnx 1.3.0

  • ONNXIFI 1.0
  • Operator Set 8
    • Control Flow Operators graduated from experimental
    • Loop, If and Scan
    • Added new operator Expand
    • Updated operators Max, Min, Mean and Sum to support broadcasting
    • Support output indices in operator MaxPool
    • Varies documentation improvements
  • Introduced Function concept for representing composed operators [experimental]
  • Enhanced shape inference
    • Support shape inference for Reshape operator with constant new shape
  • More ONNX optimization passes
    • Available passes are here
  • More operator backend tests
  • Opset Version Converter
    • Supported operators include: Add, Mul, Gemm, Relu, BatchNorm, Concat, Reshape, Sum, MaxPool, AveragePool, Dropout
    • All models in model zoo are covered, except tiny-yolo-v2 (PRelu needs adapter, WIP)
  • Quantization coming soon
    • We are currently working with the community to collect more feedback and finalize. We expect this to happen quickly and will be released as quickly as possible and out of cycle if needed.
latest releases: 1.10.1, 1.10.0, 1.9.0...
3 years ago