pypi onnx 1.0.0

This release is the first stable version of ONNX.

This version also includes the ONNX-ML profile that extends ONNX with classic ML constructs. This is an optional profile.

The following changes have been made since the 0.2 release:

Spec Changes

  • Adds versioning documentation
  • Adds release management notes
  • Operator specs include samples

IR Changes

  • Adds operator sets, imports and experimental operator support.
  • Adds an AttributeType enum, doc_string fields, domain for NodeProto.
  • Adds named metadata properties to models.
  • Remove sparse tensor protos.
  • Checker now available in C++ with Python wrapper.

Operator Changes

  • Adds Identity, Affine, ThresholdRelu, ScaledTanh, ParametricSoftplus, ImageScaler, MeanVarianceNormalization, Crop, Embedding, HardSigmoid, Mean, Clip, LogSoftmax, Hardmax, Softsign, Softplus, MatMul, InstanceNormalization, LRN, ReduceSumSquare, ReduceLogSum, ReduceL1, ReduceL2, RNN, GRU, LSTM, SpaceToDepth, DepthToSpace, Tile.
  • Adds And, Or, Xor, Greater, Less, Equal, Not.
  • Removes Caffe2ConvTranspose, SpatialBN, LRN, ChannelShuffle, RecurrentNetwork.
  • Replaces Normalization with LpNormalization.
  • Adds type constraints.
  • Much improved tests for operators and reporting.
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3 years ago