pypi mwdblib 4.5.0

11 months ago

New features:

  • recent_* and search_* methods accept chunk_size argument that allows to set size of requested entries while iterating over results (default is 10). Requires MWDB Core v2.9.0 (#94)
  • Classes representing MWDB objects have meaningful __repr__ that prints basic object attributes (#95)
  • CLI: mwdb login accepts --use-keyring/--no-keyring flag that allows you to choose whether you want to use keyring for storing credentials or not. It's useful especially on platforms that doesn't support keyring at all (#85)
  • MWDB constructor accepts autologin argument (default: True). You can set it to False if you don't want to automatically fetch stored credentials and login during object construction (#85)


  • mwdb login/mwdb logout no longer try to login using previously stored credentials (#85)

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