pypi mwdblib 3.2.0

latest releases: 4.5.0, 4.4.0, 4.3.1...
4 years ago

New features:

  • Added listen_for_objects methods for continuous listening for recent object, can be useful for scripts using MWDB as feed.
  • Added retry_on_downtime option to MalwarecageAPI
  • Passing all kwargs provided to Malwarecage constructor to MalwarecageAPI object (no need to create it separately)

Improvements and bugfixes:

  • BadResponseError when response from server doesn't look like correct JSON ("Probably MalwarecageAPI.api_url points to the Malwarecage web app instead of Malwarecage REST API.")
  • Notification about missing CLI dependencies, when [cli] extras are not installed
  • Fixed handling of 'parent' option in mwdb upload blob command

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