pypi maggma 0.51.1

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13 days ago

Version 0.51.1


  • [99e03db] Merge pull request #789 from sivonxay/yaml
  • [81f3962] Add ruamel to the doc requirements
  • [655d23e] Revert "Add ruamel to the testing requirements"
  • [6c0f86c] Add ruamel to the testing requirements
  • [5925d65] Revert "Don't import yaml, it might conflict with mkdocs"
  • [55af09a] Don't import yaml, it might conflict with mkdocs
  • [674ef7e] Change pyyaml loading to ruamel-yaml
  • [05f9c70] Add ruamel-yaml as a dependency
  • [c130ddf] Updated

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