pypi localstack 1.0.4

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7 months ago

What's Changed

  • move tests out to community by @calvernaz in #6542
  • remove region lookup by @calvernaz in #6560
  • update Docker base image (python:3.10.5-slim-buster) digest to e7fce98 by @renovate in #6561
  • use multiprocessing for scaffold.upgrade by @thrau in #6559
  • add gateway response handler to set connection close header by @thrau in #6558
  • add snapshot examples by @steffyP in #6569
  • fix sns duplicated tags + validate against AWS by @bentsku in #6571
  • Enhance parity for SSM logic and integration tests by @whummer in #6564
  • add sqs snapshot tests for queue attributes and SSE by @thrau in #6572
  • Parity metrics report by @steffyP in #6441
  • Minor: add unit test for Velocity map.put function inside $util.qr by @whummer in #6581
  • Make lambda states reflect internal state by @dfangl in #6575
  • mark sqs test for issue #4287 as working by @thrau in #6578
  • fix error serialization for default error members by @alexrashed in #6583
  • refactored LogsAwsApiListener for subclassing by @steffyP in #6582
  • add streaming types to ASF scaffold and APIs by @thrau in #6552
  • Enhance parity for basic CloudFormation stack attributes by @whummer in #6584
  • refactor sns tests and fifo topic validations by @bentsku in #6586
  • Pin flask to 2.1.3 for compatibility with werkzeug version pin by @whummer in #6593
  • rework SQS message delaying to calculate approximate number of messages delayed by @thrau in #6591
  • fix SQS ChangeVisibilityTimeout operation by @thrau in #6573
  • Resetting store bundles must clear all keys by @viren-nadkarni in #6594
  • [SecretsManager] Fixed raising of incorrect error message when creating a secret staged for deletion. by @MEPalma in #6547
  • Change error message for missing endpoints to reference PRO by @silv-io in #6579
  • Using Stores in DynamoDB by @giograno in #6554
  • Return stream name for CFn Firehose stream Ref, add snapshot test by @whummer in #6580
  • fix create_queue to raise QueueAlreadyExists correctly by @thrau in #6117
  • added subnet test cases by @macnev2013 in #6541
  • Bump moto-ext to latest upstream changes by @whummer in #6517
  • Fix idempotent calls for transaction writes by @giograno in #6596
  • remove publish_invocation decorator from localstack status commands by @thrau in #6616
  • Update ASF APIs by @localstack-bot in #6609
  • update Docker base image (python:3.10.5-slim-buster) digest to e72f92b by @renovate in #6607

Full Changelog: v1.0.3...v1.0.4

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