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This major release of LocalStack marks the first milestone of LocalStack's mission to become the standard platform for local cloud development. We have spent the last year significantly re-shaping the codebase to make it easier to introduce and extend AWS services, improving parity with AWS and introducing mechanisms to monitor parity, as well as adding new pro features.

Several of these changes require a migration, and we have done our best to make the migration as smooth as possible. Please find more in the How to Migrate section.


Community Features and Major Changes

  • New filesystem hierarchy with simplified configuration
  • Full rollout of the AWS Server Framework (ASF)
  • A framework for testing and reporting parity with AWS
  • All new logging output and error reporting
  • Remove deprecated persistence provider

Pro Features

  • Cloud Pods experience
  • Revamp of multi-account setups (experimental)
  • Introducing Extensions (experimental)
  • IAM enforcement for all services
  • Detailed stack analytics

Further Reading

For more details of how things are changing, feel free to continue reading:

How to Migrate

  • Update your startup configurations to the new LocalStack volume directory. Find out more about the concept in our docs.
    • Starting with docker-compose:
      Update your volumes mounts from

            - "${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/localstack:/tmp/localstack"


            - "${LOCALSTACK_VOLUME_DIR:-./volume}:/var/lib/localstack"
    • Starting with docker directly:
      Update your volume mounts from
      docker run -p 4566:4566 -v /tmp/localstack:/tmp/localstack ...
      docker run -p 4566:4566 -v /path/to/volume:/var/lib/localstack ...
      where /path/to/volume should be something outside your host’s temp folder. We encourage the cache directory of your system, which is what the LocalStack CLI does.

    • Starting with the CLI:
      Just update to the latest version of the CLI with pip install --upgrade localstack. The latest version of the CLI already uses the new LocalStack volume directory.
      *The volume directory can be configured via the LOCALSTACK_VOLUME_DIR, which defaults to:

      • Mac: ~/Library/Caches/localstack/volume
      • Linux: ~/.cache/localstack/volume
      • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%/localstack/cache/volume
  • The old filesystem hierarchy (including /tmp/localstack mounts,DATA_DIRand HOST_TMP_PATH) can be enabled using LEGACY_DIRECTORIES=1
  • If you mount a volume into /tmp/localstack instead of /var/lib/localstack, then LocalStack will automatically enable LEGACY_DIRECTORIES=1, and print a deprecation warning.
  • You currently cannot set the configure the new filesystem hierarchy with the CLI version 0.14.x, in order to use the development version of the CLI, please run pip install --upgrade "localstack>"
  • Remove DATA_DIR which has been deprecated and will be ignored. Use PERSISTENCE=1 and find your state files in your LocalStack volume in state/
  • Remove HOST_TMP_PATH, which was previously necessary for LAMBDA_EXECUTOR=docker or docker-reuse. We now detect automatically the host path that is mounted into Lambda containers from your LocalStack volume mount.
  • When using docker-compose, remove the network_mode: bridge configuration unless you are sure that you need it. We now automatically detect the network mode for Lambda networking.
  • We’ve rolled out a completely new framework for handling AWS requests, the AWS Server Framework (ASF). This has replaced the edge proxy, which was previously handling all HTTP requests. If you are experiencing problems, as a workaround you can try to enable the old edge proxy with LEGACY_EDGE_PROXY=1 but this is deprecated and will be removed in the future.
  • Enable the experimental multi-accounts feature by setting MULTI_ACCOUNTS=1 as part of your LocalStack config. New AWS accounts will be allocated based on configuration from the client side. See our docs for details
  • Replay-based persistence as been removed. To use our more mature persistence mechanism, please consider upgrading to LocalStack Pro.


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.14.5...v1.0.0

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