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LocalStack release 0.3.10

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5 years ago
  • v0.3.10: Add initial support for S3 bucket notifications; fix subprocess32 installation
  • v0.3.9: Make services/ports configurable via $SERVICES; add tests for Firehose+S3
  • v0.3.8: Fix Elasticsearch via local bind and proxy; refactoring; improve error logging
  • v0.3.5: Fix lambda handler name; fix host name for S3 API; install web libs on pip install
  • v0.3.4: Fix file permissions in build; fix and add UI to Docker image; add stub of ES API
  • v0.3.3: Add version tags to Docker images
  • v0.3.2: Add support for Redshift API; code refactoring
  • v0.3.1: Add Dockerfile and push image to Docker Hub

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