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LocalStack release 0.14.3

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10 months ago

LocalStack release v0.14.3


This LocalStack release features several improvements and new features in AWS services, a new CLI command, Python 3.10 support, and 10 new open source contributors!

AWS Services

CLI command to update LocalStack

We have introduced a new CLI command that automatically updates LocalStack and its requirements to the latest version:

 % localstack update --help
Usage: localstack update [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Update LocalStack components

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  all             Update all LocalStack components
  docker-images   Update container images LocalStack depends on
  localstack-cli  Update LocalStack CLI tools

Other notable updates

  • LocalStack now runs on Python 3.10!
  • Many services have now been successfully migrated to our new framework that handles AWS service requests, this dramatically improves parity and stability of services

What's Changed




  • Fix KMS_PROVIDER=kms-local back to local-kms by @davecardwell in #5793
  • Minor fixes for data types handling in CloudFormation deployer by @whummer in #5794
  • Fix zone-name filter in describe-availability-zones by @viren-nadkarni in #5800
  • Fix S3 download of XML documents with preamble by @whummer in #5805
  • fix dynamodb index query validation by @foxmulder900 in #5799
  • Fix flaky tests: test_dynamodb_stream_records_with_update_item, test_rotate_secret_with_lambda_2 by @steffyP in #5826
  • fix ApiGateway ASF request matching by @alexrashed in #5827
  • Fixed issue with spaces in Windows user names by @us88 in #5834
  • fix ASF operation routing (empty query args, deprecated ops) by @alexrashed in #5840
  • Fix ResourceNotFoundException for BatchGetItem operation by @giograno in #5848
  • fix queries for local secondary index on dynamodb by @steffyP in #5847
  • Fix #5821 - ElasticMQ always downloaded due to incorrect cache path in Dockerfile by @wimax-grapl in #5822
  • Target HttpParameters and Input support and basic auth fix for Events service by @pinzon in #5738
  • fix api detection to apply custom rules and normalize CORS behaviour by @calvernaz in #5839
  • fix extraction of oauth_http_parameters for api destinations by @pinzon in #5861
  • Increment kinesis-mock version to 0.2.4 for validation fix by @afleishaker in #5884
  • add optional .fifo suffix to sqs queue url matcher by @thrau in #5892
  • Fix backdoor API provided on health endpoint by @nao23 in #5907
  • Fix DynamoDB TransactGetItems action by @giograno in #5909
  • Fix ExecuteTransaction action in DynamoDB by @giograno in #5918
  • Minor fix to ensure that /static/ paths are properly served by the proxy by @whummer in #5917
  • Fix BatchExecuteStatement action in DynamoDB by @giograno in #5919
  • fix localstack.http.Request path encoding by @thrau in #5924
  • Fix lambda package type and code response by @dominikschubert in #5930
  • Fix ApiGW: accept yaml format for openapi(swagger) import by @pinzon in #5871
  • fix invalid characters in asf rest-protocol operation router by @alexrashed in #5948
  • [minor] Fix text/html Content-Type for local CloudFormation UI by @whummer in #5950
  • remove Werkzeug pin after bugfix release by @alexrashed in #5954
  • fix get_raw_path to unify wsgi/asgi specs by @thrau in #5956
  • Fix Firehose.PutRecord to extended s3 by @pinzon in #5967
  • fix op router when matching keys with slashes by @thrau in #5972
  • Fix ValidationError for CloudFormation.DescribeStacks by @dominikschubert in #5978
  • fix secretsmanager to use ASF instead of moto exceptions by @thrau in #5976
  • fix HTTP HEAD method operation detection in ASF by @alexrashed in #5991
  • fix mock patches by @thrau in #5984
  • fix: fix cla bot by @HarshCasper in #5999
  • fixed metric alarm evaluation for data points with value 0 by @steffyP in #5998
  • fix http path encoding in asgi/wsgi adapter by @thrau in #6012
  • fix concurrency issues of cfn and sns tests by @thrau in #6023
  • Provide hotfix for CFn parameter updates and further CFn tests by @dominikschubert in #6024
  • fix CLA assistant allowlist by @alexrashed in #6032
  • Fix bytes size calculation with binary items by @giograno in #6027
  • Fix shutdown error in pytest by waiting for LS to finish correctly by @dfangl in #6039
  • fix ASF docs by sanitizing pandoc results by @alexrashed in #6045
  • fix multiple authorizer creation by @calvernaz in #6049
  • Restructure test fixtures/utilities by @dominikschubert in #6050
  • Fix DynamoDB error injection and re-enable tests by @whummer in #6063
  • Minor fixes in edge forwarder and zip utils for dev/host mode by @whummer in #6065
  • fix request encoding in generic proxy listener chain and forwarding by @alexrashed in #6070
  • Minor fix for CFn deletion of IAM::Role resources by @whummer in #6072
  • fix pycharm unit test debug execution by renaming http package by @alexrashed in #6071
  • fix ARN rewriting for DynamoDB ASF provider by @alexrashed in #6075
  • fix ARN rewriting for incoming requests, fix lambda arn creation by @alexrashed in #6078
  • fix test_get_queue_url_contains_request_host for pro integration by @thrau in #6079
  • ci: fix the stale bot by removing bug from exempted labels by @HarshCasper in #6082
  • Fix CLI usage with python 3.7 by @dfangl in #6087
  • fix cleanup of event source mapping test by @alexrashed in #6094
  • fix message attribute filter for SQS ReceiveMessage by @thrau in #6097

New Contributors

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