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LocalStack release 0.14.2

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11 months ago

LocalStack release 0.14.2

Change log

1. New Features

  • add ability to import keys into KMS
  • enable and refactor rotation logic and version stages in SecretsManager
  • support "Accept" header to switch response format
  • add provider for S3Control service

2. Enhancements

  • migrate services to ASF: EC2, KMS, Route53, STS
  • skip installing -ext dependencies in CI tests
  • lazily load subclasses for instance manager to enable plugin loading at runtime
  • add missing UpdateDomainConfig for OpenSearch and Elasticsearch
  • pin werkzeug version to fix Transfer-Encoding "chunked" on empty responses
  • apply filter pattern for log subscriptions
  • skip "online-only" tests, fix some tests
  • use valid references for EC2 resources to fix CloudFormation tests
  • enhance handling of KMS key pairs for SIGN_VERIFY keys
  • add CloudFormation support for IAM::ServiceLinkedRole
  • reintroduce Lambda log output str casting
  • source API Gateway domain name and prefix from invocation context
  • pin airspeed version and remove patch code
  • add CloudFormation support for AWS::CDK::Metadata
  • remove SERVICES from default docker-compose.yaml
  • round DynamoDB ApproximateCreationDateTime to seconds
  • add GetAtt support for AWS::EC2::VPC DefaultSecurityGroup and DefaultNetworkAcl
  • minor update in patch decorator to allow multiple/composite patches of methods

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix PaginatedList nextToken generation
  • fix MessageGroupId for publish batch to SQS fifo queue
  • fix elliptic curve key specs for KMS keys
  • fix broken transitive imports of quart from jinja
  • fix Terraform creation of EC2 Security Groups with default egress
  • fix eager deserialization for 404 responses returned from Lambda
  • fix CloudFormation Route53 deployment without ResourceRecords
  • fix ACM DomainValidationOptions to support waiters
  • fix Flask app routes for Lambda API
  • fix broken patch for moto S3 is_delete_keys(..)
  • fix CFn name autogeneration for SQS fifo queues
  • fix CFn Route53 deployment
  • fix CFn default name for Kinesis streams
  • fix logs subscription filter
  • fix query request parser for operations without input shape
  • fix nested stack outputs in CloudFormation
  • fix handling encoded $ for default stage in API Gateway path regex
  • fix redirect to index file in S3 website

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