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LocalStack release 0.14.1

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12 months ago

LocalStack release 0.14.1

Change log

1. New Features

  • push Docker images to public ECR registry on CI build
  • add internal endpoint to output diagnostics data
  • add ability to build, tag, and push images using Docker client
  • add API Gateway SNS integration
  • add OpenSearch destination to Firehose
  • add support for CloudWatch set_alarm_state and trigger actions

2. Enhancements

  • implement in-memory request dispatching to moto
  • implement generic HTTP route dispatching
  • migrate several services to ASF (ACM, CloudWatch, CloudWatch Logs, ConfigService, DynamoDB Streams, Redshift, ResourceGroups, SecretsManager, SSM, Support, SWF)
  • migrate from requirements.txt/ to setup.cfg
  • CircleCI pipeline parallelization
  • add GitHub action to automatically update ASF APIs
  • migrate resourcegroupstagging API to ASF
  • split up Docker client, remove obsolete docker client binary from image
  • refactor handling of API Gateway request/response templates
  • introduce CODEOWNERS file for code ownership
  • add timeout to status services cli command
  • add DynamoDB Streams integration for PartiQL query updates
  • add ability to extract cookies from API Gateway invocation context
  • update generated ASF APIs to latest version
  • add ability to specify timeout and max content length for HTTP server
  • improve cli startup performance
  • refactor utils imports in utils and services packages
  • patch moto Lambda backend to access LocalStack Lambdas directly
  • add ability to extract tgz archives via download_and_extract utility
  • allow specifying working directory when running Docker exec
  • implement regex rules for the http Router
  • migrate from localstack-plugin-loader to plux
  • add support for #define function in API Gateway velocity templates
  • add a GHA workflow to track first-time pull request and issue creators
  • rework docker capabilities, remove intermediate containers after building images in docker-sdk client
  • add optimizing and sorting of imports to ASF scaffold
  • add support for response templates in API Gateway MOCK responses
  • add mock ECR CFN resource and integration test for CDK bootstrap template v10
  • add flag to call_moto to exclude the ResponseMetadata
  • upgrade airspeed dependency and remove custom patches
  • add helpers to unpause Docker containers
  • reorganize utility package
  • add deep copy of handler results to avoid unwanted mutations in parser
  • add error check for fifo attribute when creating SQS fifo queues
  • update renovatebot config to ignore Dockerfile.rh
  • add ApiGateway S3 integration using action name
  • add method to allow calling moto with a new request in request dispatcher
  • add resolve_hostname(..) util function, refactor some utils into sub-modules
  • improve performance of localstack status command
  • remove six library from dependencies
  • add failsafe with try/except for creating log streams to guard against potential duplicates
  • add the ability to snapshot running Docker containers
  • make autocreating log groups optional
  • allow service restart in ServiceContainer from STOPPED state
  • add support for DefinitionS3Location in StepFunctions::StateMachine model
  • remove superfluous CloudWatch response processing
  • add PaginatedList for paginating and filtering response lists
  • add default entries in CloudFormation stack template dict to avoid KeyError
  • docs: refactor third party software tools docs and remove announcements in README
  • refactor some tests to pytest (e.g., Lambda, EC2)
  • configure test coverage exclusions
  • make Lambda output truncation configurable

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix ASF parser and serializer issues
  • fix custom error responses from lambda when handler throws an exception
  • fix moto dispatching for trailing slashes and response headers
  • fix OpenSearch data dir issue that would block startup in pro
  • fix encoding problem for AlarmDescription in put-metric-alarm
  • fix making typing_extensions import dependent on python version
  • fix ApiGateway v2 path-base style requests without stages
  • fix several ASF parser, serializer, and scaffold issues
  • fix replacement of AWS::NoValue, add default props for Elasticsearch::Domain resources
  • fix service provider configuration override
  • fix edge route mapping for STS AssumeRole
  • fix API Gateway integration with Kinesis
  • fix linting issues by pinning flake8-black
  • fix python 3.7 compatibility with TypedDict for cli
  • fix ASF xml-rest parser location- and payload-trait handling
  • fix CloudFormation stack class to return latest raw template if change sets are present
  • fix OpenSearch cluster shutdown in tests
  • fix parameter for StateMachine type in CFN model
  • fix uncapped recursion bug in parser

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