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LocalStack release 0.13.3

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14 months ago

LocalStack release 0.13.3

Change Log

1. New Features

  • add initial ASF (AWS Service Framework) SQS provider implementation
  • add automatic Docker network detection for Lambda containers
  • add support for dynamic SSM/SecretsManager references in CloudFormation templates
  • add version info to internal health HTTP endpoint

2. Enhancements

  • add support for gzipped responses in SSL proxy via Accept-Encoding headers
  • lowercase 'accept' headers in API Gateway for parity with AWS
  • add negative test for SNS FIFO topic validation, migrate SNS tests from unittest to pytest
  • add ability to customize default IAM/STS user via TEST_IAM_USER_ID/TEST_IAM_USER_NAME
  • add integration test that passes binary data via APIGateway to Lambda
  • refactor StepFunctions multi-region support to use upstream changes
  • add proper validations for SNS/SQS integration with fifo queues
  • allow provider overrides to be passed to the started LocalStack container
  • ensure SequenceNumber is present in Lambda events from DynamoDB Streams
  • support updating of API Gateway resources via PATCH operations
  • refactor logging code to replace string interpolation with passing arguments to log methods
  • refactor code to remove unnecessary list comprehensions
  • refactor code to remove mutable default arguments
  • pull out subtypes instance manager into separate util class for reusability
  • update and clean up outdated documentation
  • replace dict and list function calls to literal syntax
  • remove uname command in system check for windows compatibility

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix API gateway proxy resources
  • fix passing of request parameters to API Gateway HTTP integrations
  • fix Firehose-ElasticSearch integration, allow S3Backup AllDocuments with ElasticSearchDestination
  • fix multiple service container creation
  • fix extraction of filter values for describing EC2 prefix lists
  • fix single-space env default in docker-compose
  • fix RenovateBot config to only enable patch updates

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