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LocalStack version 0.13.1

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15 months ago

LocalStack release 0.13.1


  • Upcoming breaking change: This version introduces the LEGACY_PERSISTENCE config, which determines whether the legacy persistence mechanism (based on API calls record&replay) should be used. Currently still defaults to LEGACY_PERSISTENCE=1, but the logic will be disabled by default and may get removed entirely in a future release. (Please note: this is only affecting the legacy persistence in Community - if you're using the Pro version, you can ignore this message.)

Change Log

1. New Features

  • add LocalStack Package Manager (lpm) CLI
  • add plugin-based hooks for bootstrapping and infra startup
  • add functionality for custom Elasticsearch backends
  • add support for stay-open mode for docker-reuse Lambda executor
  • add cli command to show current config
  • add initial integration of Route53Resolver API
  • add multi-region support for StepFunctions state machines

2. Enhancements

  • refactor handler chain and add MessageModifyingProxyListener to enable modification of requests/responses
  • add Directories config object and introduce directory structure
  • use unittest.mock.patch.object for overriding config params
  • publish logs per metric and remove faulty metric filter behavior in CloudWatch API
  • add Docker tags for minor and patch versions
  • exclude Elasticsearch >=7.14.0 client versions for OpenSearch compatibility
  • add SIGINT signal handler for CLI to enable clean shutdown across different operating systems
  • clean up obsolete patches for event_rules in EventBridge API
  • slightly refactor StepFunctions install logic for better extensibility
  • add flag to check port availability in start_proxy_server(..) to fix test flakes
  • increase timeout when waiting for edge port to become available
  • allow redirection of var libs to static libs inside the container / move dependencies to correct folders
  • update startup hook that initializes and restores persistence
  • download test-jar for Lambda integration tests with make init-testlibs
  • filter warnings about "tail unrecognized file system" from Lambda logs
  • add basic Architectures support to Lambda API
  • get hostname by using gethostname() instead of reading /etc/hostname
  • add patch utility
  • add .localstack config directory and config profiles
  • add initial support for KMS Sign API
  • skip time expiration validation for presigned S3 URL when S3_SKIP_SIGNATURE_VALIDATION=True
  • remove dead event logging code
  • move machine id cache to new cache directory
  • add missing attributes for Lambda::Function CloudFormation resources
  • add "is running" check before restarting Kinesis and StepFunctions services
  • add module init file for localstack.runtime
  • add support for SNS delivery logs stored to CloudWatch Logs
  • explicitly handle S3 OPTIONS request with "Access-Control-Request-Method" header
  • add psutil as CLI requirement
  • strip extra xmlns attributes in PutBucketNotification responses for AWS Rust SDK compatibility
  • update Makefile to use new cli detach flag for smoke test
  • patch CFN stack outputs for API Gateway
  • make can_use_sudo use non-interactive mode
  • migrate several tests from unittest -> pytest
  • re-arrange Dockerfile commands to decrease image size and increase number of cache hits
  • pin Docker base images, enable DependaBot/RenovateBot to update once a week
  • apply boolean lowercase conversion in IAM responses for all clients (not only Node.js SDK)
  • enable Docker buildkit cache inlining, use remote Docker layer cache
  • patch LogStream.filter_log_events to use get_pattern_matcher
  • minor refactoring of EventBridge utils, fix location of EVENTS_TMP_DIR
  • minor: improve parameter checks and error responses for SES SendEmail

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix returning formatted date string for requestTime in Lambda API GW events
  • fix edge routing for API Gateway invocation URLs when Signature= query param is passed
  • fix SNS pagination to support large CloudFormation stacks with very large number of topics
  • fix lpm to return non-zero exit code if package installation fails
  • fix using custom Docker images for nodejs14.x/python3.9 only if no custom registry is provided
  • fix MD5 check on S3 requests with "chunk-signature="
  • fix "localhost" region in requests headers for compatibility with NoSQL Workbench
  • fix Docker flags parsing in configure_container
  • fix tests and remove obsolete patch for CloudWatch metrics filtering
  • fix setting HMAC/non-HMAC credentials when injecting internal Authorization headers in requests
  • fix OldImage/NewImage in DynamoDB->Kinesis event payloads on updating/deletion of items
  • fix creation of multi route table associations in CFN EC2::SubnetRouteTableAssociation resources
  • fix deleting objects from non-existing S3 buckets
  • fix text/xml content-type header in STS responses
  • fix install_go_lambda_runtime for multi-arch build
  • fix forwarding of unprintable chars to SQS DLQ
  • upgrade pyopenssl version to fix OpenSSL issue, refactor SSL cert generation
  • minor fix checking for dict/CaseInsensitiveDict in merge_recursive(..) util function

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