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LocalStack release 0.12.9

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24 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.9

1. New Features

  • major: add support for virtual host based addressing in S3 requests
  • add support for signature authentication for S3 host addressing based presigned URLs
  • add support for IAM service linked roles
  • add ability to import REST APIs for APIGateway

2. Enhancements

  • enable and fix asynchronous CF stack deployments
  • add small util function to list local Docker images
  • configure KMS to use $DATA_DIR as persistence folder
  • support PutRecord Kinesis endpoint in API Gateway integrations
  • minor refactoring in download util functions
  • add small util function to create Lambda API Gateway integration
  • remove duplicated CFN integration test
  • add test to validate export names for CFN deployment
  • add LastUpdatedTimestamp for CF resources
  • minor refactoring in configs and S3 presigned URL tests
  • add missing get_physical_resource_id for IAM::InstanceProfile CF model

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix missing parameters in download utils function
  • fixed slash prefixes for path in S3 static website hosting
  • fix addressing style by setting "auto" in default S3 clients
  • fix incorrect date format for policy expiration date on S3 signing
  • fix S3 Location Constraint for access with Node.js AWS SDK
  • fix key name with special char and multipart upload in S3 presigned URL
  • fix ARN format for IAM service roles
  • fix encoding and strip off quotes for kinesis bytes input
  • fix S3 bucket location constraint value for us-east-1 region
  • fix error response for S3 get-bucket-cors in case no CORS config exists
  • fix EC2 responses for compatibility with Terraform VPC module
  • fix using regexes to match and extract RSA private keys
  • fix determining ID for deletion of ApiGateway::RestApi resources
  • fix failing tests for S3 presign URLs using incorrect bucket host
  • fix lookup of CF resource ID for IAM::InstanceProfile model
  • fix determining state for EC2::SecurityGroup CF resources
  • fix Serverless tests and run CF deployments asynchronously
  • fix presigned GET requests with querystring auth parameters
  • minor fix for API GW patch operations on non-existing attributes
  • minor fix for accessing IAM role attributes
  • minor fix: make Lambda handler file executable in test utils
  • minor fix for SNS topic deletion in CloudFormation

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