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LocalStack release 0.12.8

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24 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.8

1. New Features

  • add support for v4 signature calculations in S3 presigned URLs
  • add support for nodejs14.x Lambda runtimes
  • add CF support for EC2::Subnet, EC2::VPC, Events::EventBus, ApiGateway::Model

2. Enhancements

  • add auto_restart option to ShellCommandThread to restart DynamoDB process on error
  • run CF deployments asynchronously in the background
  • extract auth details from query parameters in edge service
  • add test for Java Lambda archive built from Gradle
  • check existence of KinesisConsumer and add missing Header to binary Kinesis messages
  • add small util function to get or create S3 bucket
  • automatically confirm SNS subscriptions to fix TF deployments
  • extend TF tests with EC2 resources
  • add logs with build info when process starts up
  • add support for deletion of SES templates
  • refactor tests and logic for EventBridge targets

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix extraction of SQS QueueArn in CloudFormation models
  • fix mechanism to determine whether LocalStack is running inside Docker for Github Actions compatibility
  • fix extracting list of changes in CloudFormation change sets
  • fix result processing of external Lambda invocations via LAMBDA_FORWARD_URL
  • fix edge route mapping logic to identify EventBridge API calls
  • fix incorrect region parameter in EventBridge tests
  • fix SQS redrive policy tests failing after recent upgrade
  • fix tests for new SNS subscription attributes
  • fix missing 'detail' field when putting EventBridge events with empty details
  • fix resource path in event sent to Lambda from API Gateway
  • fix log output for "localstack config" CLI commands
  • minor fix in API GW request routing
  • minor fix for SES response parsing

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