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LocalStack release 0.12.7

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.7

1. New Features

  • initial support for Kinesis consumers and SubscribeToShard via HTTP2 push events
  • add LS_LOG option to customize the default log level
  • add CloudFormation support for Lambda::EventInvokeConfig
  • add support and tests for StepFunctions intrinsic functions
  • add support for LAMBDA_FORWARD_URL to forward Lambda invocations
  • add support for accounts management in API Gateway
  • add support for API Gateway validators
  • add initial support for SWF API
  • add CloudFormation support for Route53::RecordSet
  • add "events" target for EventBus to forward messages between different event bus instances
  • add support for Lambda event source mapping with self-managed kafka cluster as event source

2. Enhancements

  • add support for deleting S3 bucket lifecycle configurations
  • add CLI command for validating configurations defined in docker-compose files
  • merge stack outputs on CloudFormation UpdateStack
  • avoid sending MessageGroupId to SQS when using ElasticMQ
  • add test for Kinesis stream consumer Lambda event mapping
  • add a TLDR-style docker run command in the README
  • add AWS_REGION to environment when launching Lambda functions
  • add support for base path mappings in API Gateway
  • add missing endpoint/domain for ES call from Firehose
  • add .NET client library info to README
  • add module jdk.zipfs to custom JDK to fix JAR loading issues
  • add missing attributes for ACM certificates to avoid Terraform crashes
  • add support for Route53 ListHostedZonesByVPC
  • update S3 event version from 2.0 to 2.1
  • skip returning groupName in IP permissions for non-default VPCs
  • enhance support for ACM domain validation
  • add API to list Elasticsearch versions
  • support Route53 matching for domain names ending with a dot
  • make unzip(..) util function more resilient to errors inside Alpine/Docker
  • minor refactoring of CloudFormation model base class
  • add SES email delivery for SNS notifications
  • refactor IAM to incorporate upstream changes
  • minor refactoring of API GW stage variables
  • fall back to Python unzipping if native "unzip" command fails
  • add support for Route53 AssociateVPCWithHostedZone
  • pin version of cryptography<3.4 to avoid issue with new Rust dependency
  • handle empty marker in S3 list objects
  • add CloudFormation support for deletion of SNS subscriptions
  • support attribute TreatMissingData in CloudWatch metrics
  • add test cases for CloudWatch Logs subscriptions
  • remove persistence for SNS APIs that cause issues with generated IDs
  • ensure case-insensitive dict for headers to fix gzip encoding issue with TF

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix evaluating conditions to skip resource deployment in CloudFormation
  • fix extraction of tags from URL-encoded request payload
  • fix list_hosted_zones_by_vpc API for Route53
  • fix Lambda handler in Serverless tests for local executor
  • fix adjusting CloudFormation stack status when running ExecuteChangeSet
  • fix API Gateway response for base path mapping with empty path
  • fix setting of default region from environment variables
  • fix tests to accommodate min length of API GW API keys
  • fix disabling of rules in EventBus API
  • fix Kinesis GetRecords output with bytearray data for consumption with AWS Java SDK v2
  • fix API Key validation for API Gateway for multiple keys configured
  • fix response for ACM certificate verification status
  • fix update of HOSTNAME_EXTERNAL in SQS via backdoor config API
  • fix startup of Elasticsearch process on ES domain creation
  • fix error response for non-existent keys in S3 range requests
  • fix tests for ACM certificates created via Terraform
  • minor fixes for tagging CloudWatch alarms
  • minor fix in SecretsManager to accept secret ARN as SecretId

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