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LocalStack release 0.12.6

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.6

1. New Features

  • support Lambda/Kinesis/Firehose targets for CloudWatch Log subscription filters
  • add backdoor API to receive raw CloudWatch metrics
  • add tagging support for CloudWatch metrics

2. Enhancements

  • convert Content-Length headers to upper-case as required by some S3 libs
  • enhance CloudFormation support for EC2::SecurityGroup, IAM::InstanceProfile, EC2:Instance, KMS:Key
  • enhance CloudFormation support for API Gateway resources
  • enhance CloudFormation logic for managed and inline IAM policies
  • add SES listener to add missing xmlns for error responses
  • modify timestamp format of CloudWatch GetMetricData entries
  • perform deletion of DynamoDB streams only if table exists
  • add support for tags in CloudFormation stacks
  • add support for Fn:GetAZs intrinsic function in CloudFormation
  • include change set params when resolving stack parameters
  • refactor Lambda API to use RegionBackend base class
  • add messageGroupId parameter for SQS targets in events rules
  • minor: add util method to initialize REGIONS for RegionBackend
  • minor refactoring of API Gateway invocation logic for better extensibility
  • minor: add util function to kill process trees for cleanup/shutdown
  • minor refactoring of startup log messages
  • minor refactoring of Lambda API for better extensibility

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix logic for restoring DEEP_ARCHIVE objects in S3 API
  • fix incorrect response tags for Redshift ClusterSubnetGroups
  • fix Java Lambda containers to listen on debug_port if specified in LAMBDA_JAVA_OPTS
  • fix millisecond conversion of ApproximateArrivalTimestamp in Kinesis GetRecords
  • fix test credentials in DynamoDB request headers
  • fix region lookup for API Gateway REST API invocations
  • fix patching of API GW REST API attributes
  • fix CF attribute lookup for LambdaPermission
  • fix Kinesis proxy listener to skip base64 decoding for byte message contents
  • fixed gzip encoding of payload on Lambda trigger from log subscription event
  • fix DynamoDB listener to properly look up throttling configuration
  • fix edge path routing for S3 PutObject with nested key name when using Java SDK
  • fix string format of SecretsManager secret value when referencing from SSM
  • fix LastModified value for Lambda API to support Terraform 0.13 and 0.14
  • fix date format in SES for AWS Java SDK v2 compatibility
  • fix deployment of CloudFormation templates with IAM::InstanceProfile
  • fix logic and integration test for Lambda destinations
  • fix JSON encoding of payload from Lambda fallback invocation
  • fix error response on Firehose PutRecord for non-existing stream
  • minor fix for local Lambda mounts
  • minor CloudFormation fixes for S3 buckets
  • minor fixes for CloudFormation and handling AWS auth headers

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