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LocalStack release 0.12.5

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.5

1. New Features

  • major change: rewrite CloudFormation to use an independent deployment mechanism
  • recursively return all outputs for nested CloudFormation stacks
  • add gzip decoding to edge service to support zipped request payloads
  • add support for CF functions select/split/base64
  • add missing CF APIs: GetTemplate, GetTemplateSummary, ListImports
  • add message group id for events in SNS->SQS integration
  • add basic persistence for SecretsManager

2. Enhancements

  • refactor CloudFormation implementation to use resource model classes
  • add missing CF resource props for DDB/SQS resources
  • add proper signal handling in supervisord to support kubernetes deployment
  • add util functions to determine disk usage of files/folders
  • add SET_TERM_HANDLER config for Docker entrypoint
  • add default config for StepFunctions port to avoid clash with PORT env variable
  • add support for Lambda destinations to forward results to SQS
  • add missing edge route mapping for SNS ConfirmSubscription
  • add integration test for StepFunction try/catch functionality
  • add small util function to determine whether a local port can be bound
  • enhance DynamoDB performance by skipping item lookups if no streams enabled
  • minor refactoring of region backend base class
  • support S3 key names containing hashes
  • add method to configure CF deploy templates in resource class
  • add ability to get an AppSync DataSource's physical id in CF
  • extend create_zip_file util function to allow specifying target zip file
  • pass environment variables to Lambdas with "provided" runtime
  • run Lambda set_function_code in background to avoid network timeouts
  • sort S3 object versions by creation date

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix SNS message format for .NET SDK by removing null values
  • fix returning LogResult from synchronous Lambda invocations
  • fix assertions for machine creation/deletion in StepFunction tests
  • fix fetching Arn attribute on SFN state machine updates via CF
  • fix broken tests related to util function change
  • fix escaping of policy JSON in ApiGateway resources using Terraform
  • fix whitespaces in SQS redrive policy JSON
  • fix date format in SSM & SecretsManager for Java SDK compatibility
  • fix removal of deleted resources from CF stack template
  • fix infinite recursion when loading stack exports that reference other imports
  • fix response format for CloudFormation ListExports
  • fix returning log output on Lambda errors
  • fix yaml to JSON parsing of CF templates
  • minor fixes for CF resource updates for IAM roles and SFN state machines
  • minor fix in date format parsing for S3 policy expiration dates
  • minor fix when cloning CF stack template metadata
  • minor CF fixes for use with CDK

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