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LocalStack release 0.12.4

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.4

1. New Features

  • add integration for StepFunctions state machine executions in API Gateway
  • add gzip encoding of response payloads to edge service
  • add backdoor API to restart all processes inside the main container
  • add SNS target type for EventBridge API
  • use locking to run Lambdas with docker-reuse executor in sequence
  • make TEST_*_URL endpoints configurable in the environment

2. Enhancements

  • use locking to fix concurrency during persistence restoration
  • hardcode local hostname instead of using $HOSTNAME from the environment
  • skip MD5 checks on S3 multipart uploads
  • log content of outgoing emails in SES
  • use .Config.Entrypoint for more robust Docker entrypoint lookup
  • refactor and enhance CF resolution of placeholders in Sub expressions
  • extract Ref attribute for CloudFormation Sub attributes with "${resource}" syntax
  • migrate Helm charts into separate repo
  • minor: add util function to run async coroutine in given event loop
  • minor: add util function to construct XML response messages
  • minor refactoring in edge routing and CF FN::ImportValue resolution

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix absolute path for DATA_DIR when starting up DynamoDB process
  • fix broken S3 test related to date format of Expires header
  • fix parsing of host name to determine path based addressing in S3 requests
  • fix processing of EventBridge events on multiple targets and inputPath
  • fix logic to update Lambda function version based on content hash
  • fix CF issue updating state machine with FN ref in definition string
  • fix resolving name refs when querying CF resource deployment state
  • remove encryptionType:NONE attribute in Kinesis records to avoid breaking .NET lambdas
  • fix stdin I/O issues when passing events to provided Lambda runtimes (e.g., for Rust)
  • fix CF export name uniqueness checks prior to stack deployment
  • fix issue when updating CF template with StateMachine
  • fix default account ID in SecretsManager ARN responses
  • minor fix in startup command for provided Lambda runtimes
  • minor fix in CloudFormation related to missing set_exports method in moto-ext

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