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LocalStack release 0.12.3

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.3

1. New Features

  • release initial version of Helm chart
  • add support for API Gateway update-rest-api via JSON patch operations
  • add content based filtering in Events API
  • add support for Lambda code signing APIs
  • add support for Lambda concurrency API

2. Enhancements

  • add Vagrant configuration for reproducible CentOS dev environments
  • minor: reduce log verbosity for chunk-based file downloads
  • enhance CloudFormation logic to load state of existing resources
  • add required workdir to supervisord configuration
  • enhance SSM / SecretsManager integration to get secret parameters
  • disable moto instance tracking to avoid memory leak
  • add support for Route53 get-change
  • handle IAM::Policy resource in CloudFormation
  • add integration test to deploy CF template generated by CDK
  • refactor and stabilize CloudFormation dependency resolution mechanism
  • add edge forwarding rule for AWS AssumeRoleWithSAML action
  • ensure using correct test credentials for generating S3 presigned URLs
  • add missing Access-Control-Allow-Credentials CORS header to S3 responses
  • improve Terraform tests
  • add PackageType property for Lambda functions
  • add test cases for Lambda code signing config
  • minor refactoring in DynamoDB test utils
  • minor refactoring of AWS test credentials
  • enhance support for FN::ImportValue and FN::Sub in CloudFormation templates
  • support KCL 2.x timestamps and ARN replacements in Kinesis CBOR payloads
  • consider $REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE for SSL verification in download utils
  • add missing CachingClusterStatus in API GW to fix Terraform crash issue
  • add Thai segmentation support to JRE as required by Elasticsearch 7+
  • create custom, compressed JRE via jlink in base image

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix /etc/hosts and Quart dependency for Centos 8
  • fix edge route mapping for EventBridge requests from Go SDK
  • fix response structure for API GW Integration/Response
  • fix passing of stack parameters/resources to CloudFormation changesets
  • fix default account ID in SecretsManager ARN responses
  • fix issue with resolving FN::Sub references in CF templates
  • fix recreation of SNS topic with same name and different tags
  • fix missing attributes in Lambda update-function-config
  • fix timeoutInMillis attribute missing from API Gateway integrations
  • fix edge route mapping for STS AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity
  • fix SSM & SecretsManager integration for secrets names with slashes
  • fix URL host name and credentials when generating presigned URL
  • fix non-zero content length for gzipped 204 status

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