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LocalStack release 0.12.20

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16 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.20

1. New Features

  • major: implement lazy-loading of services
  • introduce ApiInvocationContext class to encapsulate API Gateway request context information
  • add AWS Service Framework parsers, serializers, and tests
  • add AWS Service Framework API and scaffolding CLI
  • add initial lifecycle hook abstraction for services
  • add OUTBOUND_HTTP_PROXY option for proxies when downloading external resources
  • add temporary support for python3.9 runtimes via mlupin/docker-lambda images
  • add support for more Elasticsearch versions

2. Enhancements

  • add object-oriented moto server abstraction
  • update moto patch to fix CDATA wrapper for SQS message attribute values
  • add option to set permissions for save_file(..), save local config file with 0o600 permissions
  • upgrade Terraform version to fix CI builds
  • refactor API GW logic for easier extraction of resource/method details from invocation context
  • add test-invoke-method to test API Gateway endpoints
  • add requestId attribute to Lambda event from API Gateway integration
  • add more SQS tests to prepare for new SQS implementation
  • refactor DynamoDB to use serving.Server
  • update Elasticsearch default version in
  • support version qualifiers for managing Lambda policy statements
  • correctly format Lambda function inline code on CloudFormation update
  • refactor serving.Server to fix ElasticsearchCluster
  • add headers from S3 object and correct codes to S3 website responses
  • add defaults for SSM parameter name in CloudFormation model
  • extend create_zip_file(..) to support 'append' mode and specifying root directory
  • update default/cached Elasticsearch version to 7.10
  • extract correct region from target ARN for S3 notifications
  • add ability to skip content gzipping for individual services responses
  • make boto client creation in aws_stack.connect_to_service thread safe
  • add SSM->EventBridge integration to send notifications about parameter changes
  • add concurrency control for multiserver startup
  • add multi-region support for EventSourceListenerSQS
  • add setup.cfg and update build configuration
  • pin version of "pip" to fix setup step in CI
  • add support for "::" to specify a custom Java Lambda handler method in local executor mode
  • fix health endpoint to support feature states
  • refactor extract_region_from_headers to make it more reusable
  • add generic fallback health check for local APIs
  • adjust exposed ports in docker-compose.yml
  • add logic and tests to gracefully handle zipping of empty directories
  • use Python time for do_run cache time comparison
  • add support for routing events to log groups, fix event pattern matching/mapping for prefix filter
  • prefix Lambda container names with MAIN_CONTAINER_NAME to support multiple instances in parallel
  • allow partial SSE specification and auto-create managed KMS keys for DynamoDB tables
  • update troubleshooting guide to not set DOCKER_HOST when using Lambda remote mode in CI
  • minor: use existing util function to extract region from ARN
  • minor: add generate_default_name_without_stack utility method

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix docker_utils import in localstack status cli command
  • fix AWS::SecretsManager::Secret CloudFormation ARN handling and tests
  • fix restarting of DynamoDB process
  • fix local execution of Java Lambdas if handler method is implementing RequestHandler interface
  • fix issues in AWS service framework dispatching
  • fix error response when attempting to delete non-existing Lambda
  • fix scaffolding for remaining AWS services
  • fix Elasticsearch plugin download when building docker base image
  • fix check for None values in response multi_value_headers
  • fix overwrite behavior for PUT requests to the health endpoint
  • fix updates for AWS::IAM::Role in CloudFormation
  • fix state checking for active service provider
  • fix statement/policy handling for Events::EventBusPolicy CFN resource
  • upgrade version of Terraform in base image to fix recent CI build issues

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