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LocalStack release 0.12.19

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17 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.19

1. New Features

  • add initial support for KMS asymmetric keys
  • add initial support for KMS grant operations
  • add support for and/or/condition CFN intrinsic functions
  • add support for states:::events:putEvents to publish events from StepFunction
  • add wildcard support for EXTRA_CORS_ALLOWED_ORIGINS configuration

2. Enhancements

  • move attribute defaults from template_deployer to service models
  • cache single instance of request context to enable mutability
  • refactor Lambda API delete_function logic for better extensibility
  • pass ENABLE_CONFIG_UPDATES environment variable to Docker container from CLI
  • support case-sensitive response headers, add ETag to CORS exposed headers for S3 JS SDK compatibility
  • add pagination to get_lambda_log_events(..) util function to fix Lambda tests
  • log emails sent via SES send_raw_email into local log file
  • add ability to pass invocation handler to test HTTP server for API GW integration tests
  • add missing event attributes and increase timeout in Java Lambda tests
  • rename docker->docker_utils to avoid import/aliasing issues
  • minor refactoring of inter-service message forwarding for better extensibility
  • add simple util classes ObjectIdHashComparator and ArbitraryAccessObj
  • add helper function to mock a request context with a particular region
  • refactor and remove fix_resource_props_for_sdk_deployment(..) in CFN deployer
  • move delete patches in template deployer to CFN service models
  • refactor error handling and add MOCK_UNIMPLEMENTED config to gracefully handle unimplemented APIs
  • add ability to pass --workdir to launched containers in Docker client
  • allow Lambda plugins to return invocation results directly, create plugin to handle LAMBDA_FORWARD_URL
  • increase ElasticSearch cluster startup timeout
  • skip forwarding Lambda invocation result if on_successful_invocation is None
  • add missing edge routing logic for AWS SDK v2
  • add support for s3:ObjectCreated:Copy event in the presence of X-Amz-Copy-Source headers
  • add Docker client methods to inspect networks
  • wait until port is closed on DynamoDB shutdown/restart
  • pass CORS configuration options and Thundra Node.js/Python agent config from CLI to the container
  • add util function to restart StepFunctions service process
  • minor: check for empty files in download_and_extract(..) util function
  • implement PluginDisabled exception to handle disabled plugins
  • refactor DDBStreams/ES/Firehose APIs to use RegionBackend classes

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix potential race condition in Docker container start/wait logic
  • fix CFN SecretsManager::Secret to properly return secret ARN as Ref
  • fix CFN resource type lookup
  • fix deploying Lambdas with colliding names due to common prefixes
  • fix issue with single quotes in payload for Node.js Lambda in local execution mode
  • fix deployment of DynamoDB table with SSE disabled in Terraform definition
  • fix selection of sub-elements in SQS listener XML responses
  • fix Lambda SNS event source attribute as aws:sns instead of localstack:sns
  • minor fix to avoid running multiple edge proxies on the same port

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