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LocalStack release 0.12.18

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18 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.18

1. New Features

  • add generic LocalStack plugin framework
  • implement CLI using click, rich, and stevedore
  • add Node.js/Python/java8.al2 runtime support for Thundra plugin
  • add extensible class abstraction for Lambda event source listeners
  • introduce Lambda executor plugin mechanism to hook in custom extensions at runtime
  • add support for local execution of Go Lambda functions
  • add support for generated secrets in CFN SecretsManager::Secret
  • add initial version of Config Service API

2. Enhancements

  • make some integration tests more lenient to environment changes
  • add attributes to SQS messages from Lambda event source mapping
  • add support for LS_LOG=trace-internal log level
  • add check if DNS_ADDRESS is zero before starting the DNS server
  • consider function alias when resolving Lambda function or layer ARN
  • refactor Lambda executor methods to use InvocationContext as input param
  • move pre- and post-create CFN actions from template_deployer to resource models
  • extend util function for creating simple SSL proxy servers
  • add plugin_spec to signatures of PluginLifecycleListener
  • move API imports in to respective start methods
  • add missing SSEDescription and TableId entries in DynamoDB DescribeTable calls
  • add ability to specify --network via DOCKER_FLAGS config
  • add util function to manually configure region for current request context
  • enable sync/async SFN invocations in API Gateway integration
  • remove obsolete patches for Logs metric_filters
  • add test for deletion of SQS messages with changed visibility
  • parse volume mount flag with regex to allow windows paths and additional arguments
  • support <apiId>.execute-api.* hostnames for API Gateway invocation URLs
  • distinguish polling and reactive mode in EventSourceListener
  • add CloudFormation support for AWS::Events::EventBusPolicy
  • create SQS queue policy for AWS::SQS::QueuePolicy CFN resource
  • add support for DefinitionSubstitutions in CFN StateMachine resources
  • add support for ApiGateway::DomainName and ::BasePathMapping CFN resources
  • add get_physical_resource_id() for ApiGateway::Deployment
  • add ability to specify SelfManagedEventSource for CFN Lambda::EventSourceMapping
  • update kinesis-mock to 0.2.0, adding built-in multi-region support
  • add startup logic to install prebuilt SSL cert if available
  • update with additional information
  • run Golang local test only if executed in Alpine
  • run LocalStack tests against LocalStack Pro in Github Action
  • rework some integration tests to make them more robust
  • restructure Python requirements, Dockerfile and Makefile
  • add LAMBDA_CODE_EXTRACT_TIME to configure max Lambda code extract wait time
  • add default name for IAM::ManagedPolicy CFN resource
  • aggregate valid regions accross all available partitions, to support regions like us-gov-*
  • disable cli banner when running infra in docker
  • move code in RESOURCE_TO_FUNCTION into service models, split into separate files
  • add exception handling to EventBridge notifications if targets are unaccessible
  • inject AWS_ENDPOINT_URL into Lambda container environment
  • add plug points for code/config initializations in LambdaExecutorPlugin
  • refactor to deploy large Lambda zip files via S3
  • add separate section with service provider configurations to README
  • disable shell mode in run(..) util if cmd is passed as a list
  • pass Cognito Identity info through HTTP headers, return InvocationResult with content instead of wrapping as Flask response for LAMBDA_FORWARD_URL
  • add util functions get_edge_port_http() and is_provided_runtime(..)
  • add localstack infra cli command for backwards compatibility
  • add test assertion to verify value of maxReceiveCount in SQS RedrivePolicy
  • extend logic to apply request/response templates in API GW messages
  • add support for synchronous invocations of StepFunctions via API GW
  • support --add-host argument in LAMBDA_DOCKER_FLAGS
  • add simple integration tests for Support API
  • add utility function to parse properties/INI config files
  • add restart method for Kinesis and DynamoDB processes
  • add util function to inject specific region into AWS Authorization header
  • inject missing Lambda environment variables in local Lambda executor
  • add resource id to auto-generated Lambda name in CFN stacks
  • add warning message for LAMBDA_EXECUTOR=docker* if Docker is not accessible
  • consolidate .coveragerc and .flake8 config int pyproject.toml
  • minor: remove references to PORT_WEB_UI in docs
  • minor: add util function to extract access_key_id from auth header, add type hints to utils
  • minor: expose private Docker client methods as static methods in Docker Util class

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix logic and add test for edge invocations from AWS Go SDK v2
  • fix CFN list_stack_resources() for stacks with deleted resources
  • fix ApiKeyRequired in API Gateway CloudFormation resources
  • fix code updates of Lambda functions for Docker executor
  • fix EC2/Logs tests after upstream changes
  • fix raw message delivery attribute for SNS/SQS subscriptions
  • fix documenting TMPDIR and HOST_TMP_FOLDER in docker-compose
  • fix getting IP addresses of Docker containers with non-default networks
  • fix template deployer and tests to retrieve updated PhysicalResourceId for EC2::Instance
  • fix spaces in JSON events passed to custom runtime
  • fix AWS::ApiGateway::Account regression
  • fix argument error in exception handling in
  • fix adding tags to SQS queues when value is an empty string
  • fix missing request parameters in CFN ApiGateway integration
  • fix responding to S3 website requests with proper object content-type
  • minor fix in regex to parse Docker volume flags
  • restructure and clean up

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