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LocalStack release 0.12.17

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19 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.17

1. New Features

  • security fixes: replace Docker CLI commands with Docker Python SDK client
  • add support for multi-region request handling
  • add ability to specify custom IDs for API GW REST APIs via tags
  • add CloudFormation support for Events::Connection
  • add EDGE_FORWARD_URL option to forward all edge requests

2. Enhancements

  • update README and coverage docs with latest available services
  • canonicalize boolean strings in SNS FIFO topic creation via CloudFormation
  • canonicalize HTTP header names in API GW Lambda events to lower-case
  • add basic interface for StateSerializer to be used in persistence mechanism
  • add support for Route53 GetHealthCheck
  • minor refactoring of imports to fix CLI dependency issues
  • deploy extended attributes for IAM::User CloudFormation resources
  • add ability to run privileged ports 53/443 in local dev mode
  • return S3 bucket hostname for "DomainName" CF attribute
  • restructure Thundra plugin code and fetch latest Java agent version from metatata xml in repository
  • add support for IAM::User CloudFormation resources
  • add missing CloudFormation properties for SNS::Topic
  • update download URL for patched DynamoDB in base Docker image
  • add fallback for boolean type conversion in CloudFormation deployments
  • update analytics event logging system
  • add Thundra config variables to config.CONFIG_ENV_VARS to pass them to Docker instance
  • refactor logic across the codebase to make use of the Docker client utils
  • extend merge_recursive(..) util function
  • introduce KMS_PROVIDER env variable and switch to moto as default KMS provider
  • add cleanup of docker-reuse Lambda containers if code/configuration is updated

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix logic and tests for decimals formatting
  • fix removing X-amz-content-sha256 header after stripping off chunk signatures
  • fix/revert lookup of OS user inside Docker container
  • fix patches in Logs API to accommodate recent upstream changes
  • fix KMS listener initialization
  • fix extracting event bus name as Ref attribute from CF Events::EventBus resources
  • fix Kinesis CBOR response encoding for Java SDK compatibility, extend tests
  • minor fix for handling symlink targets in cp_r(..)
  • minor fixes to enable deployment of sample app
  • minor fix: consider Flask&Requests responses in aws_responses utils

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