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LocalStack release 0.12.16

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19 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.16

1. New Features

  • add integration for Thundra tracing via THUNDRA_APIKEY
  • add support for local execution of Node.js lambdas
  • add support for DeleteAlias and TracingConfig in Lambda API
  • support sequential Lambda execution for Kinesis streams, using ParallelizationFactor
  • support resolving SSM parameter values in CloudFormation templates
  • add possibility for services to subscribe to runtime config changes
  • add TEST_TARGET=AWS_CLOUD option to run tests against real AWS

2. Enhancements

  • update README with instructions to build the Docker image
  • add integration test for EC2 route table association
  • adjust updated download URL for patched
  • update kinesis-mock version to fix missing Logger classes
  • store SES templated email messages to DATA_DIR or tmp folder for easier debugging
  • refactor and extend AWS response parsing utils
  • remove Web dashboard process from supervisord.conf
  • extend test utils to pass in an auth_creator_func(..) for creating API GW authorizers
  • minor: remove deprecated web UI documentation
  • add option to disable boto3 retries/timeouts
  • remove EventBus proxy listener patches for Tags operations handled upstream
  • integrate and use the util function to remove Docker env files
  • print version string if Terraform version check fails in integration tests
  • replace unparse with custom XML serializer for AWS responses
  • support CloudFormation string placeholders with triples like "${resource.attr.subattr}"
  • improve kinesis startup routine and add KINESIS_MOCK_FORCE_JAVA config option
  • replace botostubs with boto3-stubs in test fixtures
  • add retry logic for downloading Elasticsearch plugins to fix temporary network issues
  • extend ACM ARN integration test when importing certificates
  • improve infra graph code, extend tests, add new fixtures
  • add tests for Lambda invocation destinations
  • add unit tests for common and config
  • add JSON safe parsing when processing API GW event in local Javascript Lambda
  • patch moto to include region header for GET and HEAD requests
  • update CI workflow to aggregate coverage report
  • use JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS to apply LAMBDA_JAVA_OPTS in Java Lambdas
  • cleanup and refactor CI configurations
  • add default account_id for API GW Lambda invocation events
  • add ability to define UDP Docker ports in PortMappings class
  • strip off warning messages when extracting Docker container ID from stdout
  • add exception response when calling DeletePolicy on non-existent IAM policy
  • refactor Lambda executor to use unified container API and break apart container/Lambda logic
  • pin version of "requests" library to fix import errors in Lambda tests
  • add feature that saves LocalStack version info into data dir
  • add pre-commit hook that runs linting and formatting
  • add support for CloudFormation Fn::GetAtt WebsiteURL for S3 buckets
  • refactor JSONPatch implementation for API GW to handle edge cases more reliably
  • add make targets for linting and formatting only modified files
  • add proper headers when triggering API destination target
  • add CORS headers required for AWS SDK v3
  • refactor Firehose and properly return "ExtendedS3DestinationDescription" with extended attributes
  • add support for API Gateway documentation parts (tf-compat)

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix regex to extract API ID in hostname from API GW endpoint URL
  • fix logic in inject_test_credentials_into_env(..) to set custom env parameters for Lambda functions
  • fix DynamoDB to Kinesis stream event format - add "tableName", remove "StreamViewType"
  • fix Docker detection on hosts with cgroup v2 (unified hierachy)
  • fix running multiple API Gateway JSON Patch operations in sequence (tf-compat)
  • fix timestamp format of Lambda event source mappings for TF compatibility
  • fix returning error response when requesting ACL for non-existing S3 bucket
  • fix edge routing to match rules if request host contains a dot "."
  • fix EXTRA_CORS_ALLOWED_ORIGINS environment variable to match docs
  • fix ARN structure for EventBridge resources
  • fix extraction of EventBridge API destination name using new ARN format
  • fix S3 host-based routing detection
  • fix accessing missing "body" from Lambda response in API GW
  • fix JSON Patch for API GW method settings
  • fix some data types for API GW patch operations
  • fix "application/xml" content-type header for S3 responses
  • minor: fix file path in "config validate" CLI command

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