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LocalStack release 0.12.15

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20 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.15

1. New Features

  • add support for Kinesis CBOR error messages
  • add CF support for CertificateManager::Certificate

2. Enhancements

  • security fixes: bind edge service to by default (instead of
  • format the codebase with black and isort
  • make for-loop in Makefile /bin/sh compatible
  • add flake8 rule F401 (unused imports)
  • update code style badge in
  • run pre-release smoke tests for Pro features in CI builds
  • remove quiet parameter from service starting
  • refactor and add tests
  • remove dead/unused CloudFormation code
  • update bug-report issue template to assign correct label
  • add workaround for kinesis-mock persistence startup failure
  • reduce log verbosity for CORS/origin checks
  • update .dockerignore to exclude files generated in CI build
  • restructure Elasticsearch process management
  • add unit test for moto parsing of complex params from querystring
  • refactor tests to fix/invert order of arguments in test assertions
  • refactor to use randomly generated resource names
  • minor formatting in bug-report issue template

3. Bug Fixes

  • add additional allowed CORS origins to fix Cognito issues
  • fix processing of empty values in EventBridge event filters
  • fix JSON Patch operations for API Gateway usage plans
  • fix detection of resource status to allow re-deployment of CF stack after deletion
  • fix installation of debugpy via pip module instead of calling pip CLI
  • fix minor formatting issues in http/proxy server

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