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LocalStack release 0.12.14

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20 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.14

1. New Features

  • add support for EventBridge API destinations
  • add KINESIS_INITIALIZE_STREAMS configuration to initialize Kinesis streams on startup
  • add support for API GW MOCK integration and response parameters
  • add CloudFormation support for CloudWatch::Alarm resources
  • add support for V4 S3 presigned URLs with custom headers
  • add support for isBase64Encoded flag with Lambda integrations in API Gateway

2. Enhancements

  • security fixes: fix CORS setup to prevent CSRF, add DISABLE_*_CORS_* configs
  • migrate from nose to pytests
  • refactor into a unittest.TestCase class
  • refactor tests and invert/fix order of assertion arguments
  • update coveralls config for new test setup with pytests
  • improve version check in check_terraform_version
  • parallelize builds and improve CircleCI workflow
  • pin serverless version in TestServerless to 2.48.0 to fix test issues
  • add threading event to indicate infrastructure has started
  • add coverage install to Dockerfile.base to enable coverage C extensions
  • remove superfluous coveralls config, now managed via CI env
  • fall back to using JAR for kinesis-mock installation for ARM systems (e.g., Macbook M1)
  • add config option TF_COMPAT_MODE to enable TF compatibility mode (for TF integration tests)
  • minor: update badges in README
  • minor refactoring: add dynamodb_table_exists() to common utils
  • minor: fix KeyError for missing EventSourceArn in Lambda API lookup
  • minor: make "enabled" flag to add_job(..) optional
  • minor: add parse_json_or_yaml() util function

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix prefix filtering of events in EventBridge API in case of exact match
  • fix deprecation warnings surfaced when introducing pytest
  • fix extracting build report step in docker-build CI phase
  • fix passing environment variables to container creation for LAMBDA_EXECUTOR=docker-reuse
  • fix linter exclusions in
  • fix request params for CF deployment of ApiGateway::Stage
  • fix time duration unit for profiler log_duration output
  • minor fix in file regex for plugin lookup to accommodate Windows path separators
  • minor fix to avoid exception on missing CloudFormation exports
  • minor fixes in S3 API

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